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Cabana Pigeon Services is a family business specializing in pigeon removal & prevention servicing much of the Valley. We use Bird-Ex products that we know will do the job! For any other pest control needs (insects) we highly recommend Tony Kaufman at Varsity Pest Control.

After live trapping the pigeons, which we always recommend, we then power wash all areas--protecting your home and/ or business from diseases that pigeon feces often carry. Preventative pigeon control methods we offer include: blocking eves of homes with steel barricades, stainless steel spiking, poly propylene pigeon slides, and shock tracts ( used for pillars, beams, and window ledges) for discrete non visible roosting prevention. These methods have had effective results in our 10 plus years of experience in this line of work.

WE DO RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL across the great Metro Valley, East to West!